Its been a while…

….since my last blog, a year has gone by. Summer is over, we have 3 feet of snow on the ground and the 7 is put away for the winter.

Over the summer we had driven down to Los Gatos for the annual 7 get together, and during that trip the speedo died permanently. So I just left it broken and relied on my GPS to get my speed and mileage.

My eyesight has gotten to the point that I need reading glasses when I have my distance contact lenses in. When I don’t have my contacts in, I have some bifocal sunglasses. But, where I had mounted the GPS, it was above the lens cutover horizontal  meaning that I could not read anything unless I tilted my head way back. Clearly I needed to move the GPS lower.

The final solution takes inspiration from F1 cars, where they display all kinds of data on the steering wheel. So, I have mounted the GPS on the steering wheel. Sofar it seems to work OK, but I have driven only limited mileage before winter set in.


This evening I went to take a look at the speedo sensor. It appears to be working correctly- with ignition on and turning the wheel slowly the led is the sensor turns on & off matching the toothed ring timing. At least, I know I’m getting +12v and a ground. Next thing to check is that the signal is making its way to the speedo. That’s the next thing to check.

While doing that, I discovered that the ignition switch is intermittent. I removed the switch assembly and found most of it was loose. So, I need a replacement.

I remember when waiting for my 7 kit to arrive, Randy informed me that there was a delayed schedule due to a faulty batch of ignition switches. Well, I guess I got one, but it took a while to shake loose.