My Certificate of Title arrived today from DMV.

I noted that the make is “Cater”.


Final DMV visit

Went to DMV with all my completed paperwork, they checked it & agreed it was complete. They gave me a license plate “6ZOE780”. It has an April 2014 expiry date which means they counted from when I received the kit and not when it was first on the road. April & May were build months. However, I did not complain and risk further delays – I already have 22 hours of time chasing the process.

Dot with Zoe

Dot with Zoe

Virginia City

Sunday morning drive to Virginia City, via Kings Beach, Incline Village, Mt Rose Hwy (431), & Hwy 341. The 341 is a great driving road over Geiger Pass. Met a Triumph TR3 owner in Virginia City with a recently restored TR3 in British Racing Green.

Parked in Virginia City

Parked in Virginia City

SPCNS SB100 approved

Drove down to Sacramento for my appointment to meet with the BAR referee. He wanted to see my mileage and confirm that I had a PCV valve installed. He went off & returned 1/2 hour later with my approval certificate and a sticker for the engine bay.

SB100 sticker in the engine bay

SB100 sticker in the engine bay

With this in place, I should be exempt from bi-annual smog inspections and I should be able to return to DMV and complete my registration.

Liza’s ride

So far the RH shaft seal on the diff is behaving – no oil leaking.

Liza & Steve came to visit, took each of them for a ride.

Liza in the passenger seat

Liza in the passenger seat

Moved the 7 into the regular garage rather than the barn. I’ll only have to open the door half way.

Don't need to open wide

Don’t need to open wide

Seal update – on the road again.

So after a week sitting on jack stands, as of 10pm on Thursday night the 7 is back on the road.

Major issue is that Caterham do not know the part numbers of the 7 car components, & just give vague references like: “BMW series 1 diff seal” ….which results in getting the wrong part. The eventual part that I researched on the internet fits a 2004/5 X3 (not a series 1).

To get the correct part after I’d figured it out, I took 2 parallel approaches. First, I found one online at a BMW dealer in Ohio, which I ordered and still has not yet arrived. I also went to the BMW dealer in Reno, I asked for the part number, and of course he wanted to know the model & year of my car. I told him it was a Lotus 7, but to look it up for the 2004/5 X3. He found one in Ontario, CA. which he ordered. It came in on Thursday – so I made the 90 mile round trip just before the parts dept. closed for the day.

I set about putting it in at 6:30pm, which I expected to be a simple job – not the case however. First off, I got a wooden block and a big hammer and tapped the seal into position. However, it needs to travel in a further 1/8″ into a recess. So, I made a second block, same diameter as the seal and continued knocking. I was expecting the seal to go in and be stopped in position by a shoulder – no such luck and no shoulder- I had over-pushed it in by 1/8″ on one side. So now I had to pull it back out – not so easy. I spent the next hour making a special tool, which worked perfectly and I finally had the seal in the correct location. Then it was a short time to re-insert the driveshaft, re-bolt on the de-dion ear, attach the brake assembly, connect the anti-roll bar, re-zip tie the handbrake cable and speed sonsor, and finally top up the diff with 6 fluid ozs of diff oil.

I was done by 10pm and went out for a test drive. No leaks so far. Checked again at 7:30am and I see no oil. Have to monitor for a while.

Does anyone need 2 pcs of BMW series 1 diff seals – I have 2, unused. I’ll also have another (correct) seal when it arrives – which I’m keeping.

So the actual repair cost was $ 23.23 for the diff seal. 2 round trips to Reno (180 miles). 2 BMW series 1 seals for $38 that I can’t use. 1 additional mail order seal not arrived yet for $32. 4 hours of actual repair work, 2 hours of internet research, 1 hour on searching/ordering parts online, 3 hours of driving.