Special gearbox allen wrench

The build manual recommends using a cut-off allen wrench to get at the gearbox oil filler bolt. Saw a better idea from Caterham Academy tips. Cut-off ½” off of the end of an allen wrench and use this with a 10mm ratcheting socket. Will see how well it works after my kit has arrived. (Hindsight – this worked remarkably well)

Usefull info

Ordered 2 weatherproof motorcycle 12v power sockets, arrived today.

Reviewing some 7 assembly blogs, these are some of the advice:
1. Suggest installing the gearbox/bell-housing first, then add the engine later. Said this was recommended by the Caterham North workshop that does post build checks. May be difficult to get to one of the starter’s bolts nearest the engine. Allows filling with oil before mounting. (Hindsight proved that this in fact was much harder and led to a damaged clutch)
2. Also saw that for the diff install, put the bottom 2 bolts in first then use a rope tourniquet clamp to help pull the top holes into alignment for the top bolt.
3. Be carefull with the washer spacers on the lower wishbones. Is it 2 +2 or 1+3 ? (Hindsight, I used 2+2 but Caster angle was too large. I adjusted later to a mix of thick & thin washers. But you have to do an alignment first anyway. So go with 2+2 to start with)
4. Gearbox tool (see 27th March)

Jon says that I need to get the oil separator. Ordered one from Ford. (Hindsight – this also includes the PCV valve, which you will need to get through the BAR inspection.)

Engine bits

Went to Ford dealership in Reno, bought the gasket sealant to attach new sump, and back ordered the sealant remover. Ford told me they don’t do a good job with special tools like the flywheel lock & to try elsewhere. I found a 3rd party on internet – but price is $162 – do I really need that or can I hold the crank/flywheel turning by some other means. We’ll see when I try to torque up the new flywheel.

It would be nice to know what engine add-on parts come in the kit.
After reading the Caterham Assembly Guide and reviewing Ford’s Duratec exploded views and numerous build blogs, I’m looking for some clarity on:
(Editor’s note – I made some later updates with the benefit of hindsight)
• I am not sure what of the EGR/Air valve/etc (emission control parts) are needed. None are needed.
• Engine coolant plumbing diagram. I created one, later in the blog and updated again when I made changes.
Are these parts included in the kit: (Jon’s comments – added)
• Thermostat – yes
• Knock sensor – not used
• Flywheel position sensor – yes
• Oil filter – yes
• Gasket for valve/camshaft cover – re-usable Not actually – I bought one from Napa.
• Crankcase vent oil separator – no (with crate engine) I bought one from theFord dealer.
• Coolant pump – no I re-used the water pump that came with the engine.
• Camshaft position sensor – yes
• Cylinder head temperature sensor – not used
• EGR valve – kit includes block-off plate
• Air valve & bracket – the EGR valve is not used and a blocking plate is supplied with the kit.
• Gaskets (coolant outlet casting, EGR casting etc)? – included in crate engine or kit
Based on Randy’s build blog, I think the following are included:
• Flywheel, clutch & pressure plate – yes
• Drive belt – yes
• Alternator – yes
• Starter – yes
• Inlet manifold, fuel injection, throttle assembly, catalytic converter – yes
• Spark plugs – no I bought from Napa.
• Coil-on-plug assembly – yes